Welcome to my blog, Words By Me.  Posts will consist of rants, tantrums, encouragement, and support.  There will also be a lot of random silliness.

I decided to start this blog as a coping mechanism.  I was assaulted on my job a few years ago, and I have been suffering from PTSD, anxiety, and depression ever since.  Sometimes I am able to calm myself down after a bit, other times I can’t.  Writing has always been my passion, so I am hoping that this blog will provide a way for me to escape.

I have had several stressors added to my plate since the attack.  The most recent stressors made me nearly crack.  Since I can’t forget it, or even get over it, I am trying to teach myself to live with it.

This will be a fun blog.

Thanks for stopping by!  Please visit again soon.

What do you think?

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