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Random Thoughts Part 3

It has been a long time since I have posted my random thoughts, so I have quite a bit to share with you.  In case you have forgotten or you are a new reader to my blog (welcome!), my comments are in no particular order.  They are just as random as this blog post.

  1. Have you seen the video clip of the 4 year-old girl in Ohio that was blown off her feet by strong winds as she opened the door to her home?  Within seconds she and the door were blown out of sight.  She didn’t even drop her cellphone.  Incredible!
  2. I attended public schools and my children are in the public school system.  I had Pell grants and I have student loans.  That makes me overqualified for Education Secretary.  It was suggested that I could be Surgeon General but apparently I am overqualified for that position as well.  Ah forget it, I give up.
  3. Ben Carson is Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  I recall him saying he wasn’t qualified for the position because he wasn’t experienced in running a federal agency.  Really?  But you ran for President of the United States.  I don’t know who knows the less between him and Donald Trump.
  4. Speaking of Ben Carson, I want to call him a term that is two words and begins with the letter ‘h’ so bad, but since I don’t talk that way I’ll just keep that thought to myself.
  5. I have no idea what the picture below is about but I can’t go into the store and ask anyone because I think it’s permanently closed.  There are several signs in the window, no one is ever there, and it’s always dark.
  6. They can’t find the missing Tennessee teenage girl and her former teacher, but they found Tom Brady’s jersey IN ANOTHER COUNTRY.
  7. There is a game called Toilet Trouble that is so nasty to me.  You hold your face over the toilet, flush, and get sprayed by water.  I get mad whenever the commercial comes on TV and my kids laugh at me.
  8. Speaking of getting mad, as much as I love WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), I cannot stand their New Day Gimmick.  I like Big E. Langston, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods as wrestlers, but I can’t stand them as New Day.  They frolic around the ring gyrating while Xavier plays the trombone.  One day Kofi twerked so fast and hard I was sure his backside would fall off.  I mean, he literally dropped it like it was hot.  That’s for me, a female, to do.  I am a black female so I especially don’t like seeing brothers behave in that fashion.  I know it’s scripted but come on, that pink wearing, unicorn horns on their heads has gone on long enough.  I received a text one night while I was at work that Big E. spanked the Miz.  I was like, “What the f**k?”  Such a waste of talent.  Buffoonery at its finest.  I won’t post a picture of them but here’s merchandise I saw at the store.

  9. I follow Donald Trump on Twitter and I even comment on his ridiculous tweets at times.  My comments get deleted, probably because I’m not a celebrity or reporter with thousands of followers.  But that’s okay, I like being an unknown.  Here is one of his silly tweets.

    Here is my response.
  10. I don’t care what anyone says, the Democrats and Republicans WORKED TOGETHER to block Donald Trump’s monstrosity health care plan.  It may have been unknowing to them but they worked together.  Now all they have to do is knowingly work together and deem that mental case unfit as President of the United States.
  11. Despite the water crisis in the city of Flint, Michigan, great things have, and still are, happening in the city and the surrounding areas.  Last summer, Treehouse Masters, the television reality show on Animal Planet, built a treehouse at For-Mar Nature Preserve & Arboretum in Burton, Michigan.  Burton is located just outside the city of Flint.  There was an unusually warm day last month so my kids and I went to see the treehouse and to take a walk on a couple of nature trails.  That treehouse is BEAUTIFUL inside and out!  I watched the episode on Treehouse Masters and it was a tear-jerker.

    Pete Nelson and his crew did an amazing job.  For-Mar has superheroes and the staff made Pete a superhero!  The picture immediately above was taken inside the treehouse.  Pictured are a few of For-Mar’s superheroes.
  12. Hurley Medical Center, a level I trauma center located in the city of Flint, Michigan is also a Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) hospital.  Back in the fall Alli Simpson, a celebrity who helps raise awareness for CMN hospitals, selected Hurley to receive an aquarium for its’ children’s hospital.  Thanks to Alli and Animal Planet’s Tanked, a 900 gallon aquarium was installed at Hurley’s Children Hospital.

  13. I work at Hurley Medical Center and I was there for the unveiling of the aquarium.  I didn’t even try to control my tears.  We had to keep it a secret until the week it aired on television.  I am thankful beyond words for what Pete Nelson and his crew at Treehouse Masters, Alli Simpson, the crew at Tanked, and Animal Planet for what they have brought to our community.  What a blessing they are.
  14. Speaking of Michigan, I live in the only state where you can show people where you live at on your hand.
  15. My kids are left-handed and I am ambidextrous.

Those are my random thoughts for now.  I could go on but I am getting sleepy.  Feel free to add your own random thoughts or comments below and thank you for visiting my blog!

I’m not Asking You About Your Balls


My children and I rode the city bus downtown, just for the fun of it, a couple of days ago.  I was very excited because I hadn’t caught the bus in a little over 20 years.

While enjoying a leisurely stroll through the streets of downtown, we saw the above sign posted inside of a pastry shop.  Surprised, I stopped and read the sign out loud.  Of course my teenage son found it hilarious.  I found it to be a what the hell moment.

We didn’t go inside the shop because I was not about to ask anyone about their balls.  Well, at least not in front of my kids!

Random Babble

The following list is in no particular order.  It’s just as random as this post.

  1. I would continue to work if I was to win the lottery’s jackpot.  Money is disposable and I can waste it up in no time.
  2. What Neapolitan ice cream flavor do you leave for last?  None for me.  I eat all three flavors every time, and they’re evenly scooped.
  3. If I could be invisible for one day, I would beat the hell out of as many specific people as I can, dating back to kindergarten.
  4. I don’t like odd numbers, however 5 is okay.
  5. Did you believe in Santa Claus as a child?  I didn’t.  My mother never played that game with my siblings and me.  We took pictures with jolly Old St. Nick every year, and we made all the crafts at school.  We were excited about it too.  But we knew he wasn’t real.  My mother never said if he was real or not.  It actually never even came up.  We didn’t care, we just wanted gifts under the Christmas tree.
  6. I’m going to see Cinderella at the movie theater while the kids are at school.  That’s my favorite childhood tale, next to Alice in Wonderland, and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.
  7. I would rather be dirt poor than to be a millionaire.
  8. Pronounce the word coupon.  I bet your pronunciation is different from mine.
  9. Would you rather be caught in a thunderstorm without an umbrella, or a snowstorm without boots?  I saw that question on a social media site.  My answer is NEITHER.  I don’t want frostbite and my feet amputated.  And there is no way in hell I would be caught in a thunderstorm without an umbrella.  I have hair of black texture.  Therefore the only time I allow my hair to get wet is when I’m at the shampoo bowl at the hair salon, every two weeks.
  10. If I could go back into time, I wouldn’t.  There are some events in my past that I do not want to revisit.
  11. I never stopped watching cartoons.
  12. Do you say hundred or hunerd?  What about refrigerator or refriderator?
  13. Is foots a real word?  What about fishes?
  14. Facebook IS NOT the news.  Get yourselves together people.  Watch your local news channel, then spend some time watching CNN.
  15. How many minutes and miles would you have to walk to burn off a medium big mac meal (fries, coke), a fun size Snickers candy bar, and two Hershey Kisses?  That question was a part of the wellness quiz at work.  Employees submitting the correct answer will have their names entered into a raffle for a gift card.  I have no idea what the answer is, but I know that I would have to walk MORE than the answer to that question because I eat FULL-SIZE Snickers and DOUBLE DIGIT Hershey’s Kisses, in addition to that big mac meal.
  16. Superpowers I wouldn’t mind having:  flight, shape shift, telepathy, teleportation, animal control,  healing factor, mind control, invisibility, superhuman speed, superhuman strength, x-ray vision, duplication, and sonic scream.
  17. If I had a magic wand, or found a genie in a bottle, I would wish for all of my debts to get paid.  I would not want the money, because I would NOT pay any creditors.
  18. Speaking of magic wand, my nephew was in grade school when Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was released in movie theaters.  He told me he didn’t want to see the movie because Harry Potter looked as if he liked science, because he wore glasses.  So I told him that he didn’t like me then because I wore glasses, and had been wearing them since the fourth grade.  He didn’t really believe me because I didn’t wear my glasses often back then.  I also like science, but I didn’t dare tell him that.
  19. I counted the number of people I know that I can confide in on one hand.  That number is less than five.
  20. I still do not like Peter Parker.

I would type more but I’m about to eat more than a serving size of lemon Oreos and drink a glass of icy cold Coca-Cola.  Feel free to add your own random thoughts and babble.

Wanted: Someone To Be Me For A Day

Here is my job posting to be me for a day.

JOB TITLE:  Superwoman


  • Wake up at 6 a.m. to get middle schooler up and ready for school.  (sometimes it’s a hassle because he likes to keep sleeping and will expect you to be the snooze on his alarm clock).  You’ll have to fuss at him to get off the 3DS, iPhone, and to tie his shoes (they always come unlaced).
  • Once the middle schooler leaves, prepare to get the 8 yr-old up and ready for school.  He is a special needs child, so getting him ready is a major chore.  Be ready to dress him while his eyes are focused on PBS Sprout channel.  He may also have a meltdown at the last-minute, when it’s time to leave for maybe even the smallest thing.
  • Sleep a couple of hours or run errands until time to get ready for work.  12-hour shifts 1p-1:30a.
  • If you don’t run errands on the day you work, then cook dinner and wash a load (or two if you have time) of dirty laundry before you leave for work.
  • If you don’t work that day, work on the to-do list (errands, phone calls, shopping, etc.)
  • Check on my brother at the nursing home.  I’m his legal guardian so you may be given decision-making questions/ideas either by phone or while you’re at the nursing home.  Be prepared for his smart mouth.  He is paralyzed from MS (Multiple Sclerosis), and the only thing that he can pretty much move on his own is that sharp tongue of his.
  • If you’re working that day, squeeze in a 10-15 minute nap before showering.  You’re going to need it because you will be working in an Emergency Department at a level 1 trauma center.
  • If you’re not working, be prepared to hear the middle schooler run his mouth when he gets home from school about what you cooked.  You’ll have to fuss that he can’t always have fast/fried foods.


  • Must have patience
  • Must be willing to work with special needs child
  • Must be able to multi-task, take constructive criticism, and not take mess off anyone at work
  • Must know how to cook
  • Must have conflict resolution skills (the boys fight every night.  The youngest is very aggressive and violent most of the time)
  • Must be able to get by with no more than 3-4 hours of sleep in a 24-hour period
  • Must be a quick thinker and problem solver, especially if the school calls because the youngest is having a meltdown.  You may be told to pick him up.  If you’re at work, prepare to leave right away or call around and find someone to go up to the school.

SALARY:  You will be generously rewarded with excessive fatigue, throbbing headache, back talk, and little to no sleep.

HOW TO APPLY:  Applications are being accepted at the homes of women with a full-time job (and part-time if she has one like me), and special needs child(ren).  That way, in case you don’t live in Michigan, at least someone will be able to take a well deserved break. Applications accepted worldwide.

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  There will never be a deadline.

Remember the errands I mentioned?  Well this is my errand for the day, writing this blog post.  Now it’s time for me to rush and jump in the shower to start my 12-hour shift.  Oh yeah, and remember the part-time job?  I already worked one of them at the elementary school earlier this morning.

Please apply soon.  There are plenty of superwomen, like myself, that needs you.


WOW.  If you can’t trust your own family, then who?  I share silly talk with everyone, and stuff that I don’t care if it’s repeated or not (even when I say “Don’t tell anyone”).  But I keep my personal life to myself, that way I don’t have to get that knife in my back.  If I was a plumber, I would fix all of those leaky faucets.