Parenting Tip #1: Hand Washing

Hand washing is the best way to prevent germs from spreading and avoid getting sick.  Kids may listen when parents tell them to wash their hands, but it’s our job to make sure they follow through with it.  We can’t follow our kids everywhere they go, but we can make sure they ALWAYS wash their hands while at home, in hopes they do the same when they are out in the public.

I went into a restroom at a fast-food restaurant a few days ago.  Both stalls were taken, until a little girl walked out of one of them.  I went into the stall, and the child started talking to another young girl in the other stall.  Within a couple of minutes, both of the girls walked out of the bathroom without washing their hands.  Maybe I overreacted.  The soap and water worked for me, but maybe it was just a coincidence.  Maybe it wasn’t working at the time for the girls.  Yeah right.

Parents, please stress the importance of hand washing to your children.  Soap and water.  Hand sanitizer if, if necessary.

Training kids to wash their hands from an early age will hopefully stick with them into adulthood.  That way, they won’t become like the lady I saw in a restroom at a courthouse a few months ago.  She used the bathroom, but ran her fingers (not the entire hands) under the water for no more than two seconds.  I used a public restroom at my job recently.  On two separate occasions, a woman walked out of the stall, and right on out of the bathroom without stopping at the sink.  UGH.  GROSS.  NASTY.

What do you think?

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