I Created My Own Challenges

I am so tired of seeing all these challenges suddenly appear all over the internet.  You can find one million challenge posts per second, on Facebook.

The weather where I am right now is cold and rainy, and people are getting sick (I’m on day 5) from the sudden temperature change, as always.  So I really don’t want to see anymore ice challenges.  It was okay when it was 90+ degree weather out last week.  But it’s in the low 40’s.  Maybe a bucket of warm water challenge?

I have seen so many people on my social media pages post pictures of either themselves, or their children, doing some kind of challenge.  Then they’ll challenge someone else.

Funny.  My household ran a 50/50 raffle last summer, as a fundraiser for Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Walk for a Cure, Michigan chapter.  My 8 year-old son has this rare disease, and not only did I publicly post the fundraiser on my Facebook page, I sent a group message to nearly 30 people that I carefully selected.  I got no more than zero dollars.

But guess what?  Some of those same people are posting pictures of the ice challenge, and whatever-else-the-hell-challenge.

So, since everything is a challenge these days, I decided to come up with my own.  And since everyone is different, I came up with several challenges.  Be careful though, some of you will fall into more than one challenge, and that’s okay too.

Here is my list of challenges.  See which one(s) you fit into and get to work.

  1. Stop complaining
  2. Stop having to have the last word
  3. Don’t use the word nigga when hanging with your homeboys
  4. When joking around with others, stop calling them retarded
  5. Go to a nice dine-in restaurant and try eating something different
  6. Make sure your house is in order before you talk about someone else’s
  7. Book that always talked about, but never done it, family vacation in another state
  8. Read a book instead of talking on the phone
  9. Spend time at your local library.  Have kids?  Take them with you.
  10. Visit a nursing home
  11. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  12. Donate to charity
  13. Spend time outdoors with your kids.  Don’t sit down while they play.  Get up and play with them.
  14. Plan and book that trip to wherever it is you’ve always wanted to go.  Go solo if you have to.
  15. Register to vote
  16. Give someone a compliment (also suggested by a fellow blogger)

Tough huh?  I will be adding more challenges as I think of them.

Let me know how you’re doing!


2 thoughts on “I Created My Own Challenges

    1. Yay, thanks! Actually I was going to add give someone a compliment a couple hours ago, but I ended up working on another blog post. I’m going to add it right now. I guess I need that extra push. Thanks for the suggestion!

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