Black Best Buy Worker Helped White Customer, Ignored Black Customer



I visited my local Best Buy store, located at G-3660 Miller Rd., Flint Township, Michigan in the afternoon on Sunday, December 21, 2014.  Out of all the years of visiting my favorite tech store, I encountered the worst customer service experience ever.

I went to Best Buy the day before and made a purchase, but I forgot to buy ink for my printer.  So on the 21st, I stood in line, in the computer area, to get a price check on the packs of HP ink I was holding.  The ink was on sale the day before on the store’s website.

There were two male Best Buy employees at both registers, one black, the other was white.  There was a white female customer being waited on by the black worker.  I was in line behind her.  The white employee couldn’t help anyone because his register was processing slowly.  Both workers were talking and laughing with the white female customer, while her significant other stood off to the side playing on his phone.  The black worker was skinnin’ and grinnin’ so hard, he could barely ring her up.  And the white employee held a brief a conversation with the customer in another language.

The white employee eventually left.  I was the only other person in line.  When the customer left, the black employee looked down and around as if he was looking for something.  Then that joker walked off WITHOUT ACKNOWLEDGING ME.  He didn’t even look up at me.  He started talking and laughing with other store employees, never once looking back at me.  Actually, none of them did.  An obvious case of discrimination.

A black male employee walked over to the group and exchanged words with them (I was unable to hear everything).  The black worker that left me hanging said (while looking around), “I’m going to help her.”  That son-of-a you-know-what pointed to a white female, and walked off to help her.

I told myself, “Ain’t that a bitch?  No the fuck he didn’t.”  I rarely use bad language, but this was a no bars hold situation.

I walked around the area to find someone to scan my items, but was unsuccessful.  I looked and saw a worker helping a customer at the same register.  As I headed back in that direction, the black employee looked right at me, turned, and walked off to help ANOTHER WHITE FEMALE CUSTOMER.  This time I said, “What the hell is going on?  Ain’t that a muthafuckin’ bitch?”

All I wanted was my HP 564 black, and multi-color pack of ink scanned for a price check.  But instead, I received discrimination at its’ finest.

Of course I tweeted about it, as soon as I left the store.


Best Buy commented on my tweet.


I responded.


I didn’t get another response from Best Buy.

I returned to the store the next day to purchase the ink.  I only went because my kids needed it for their projects.  That joker was working, wearing a bow-tie looking like Orville Redenbacher.  I was still frustrated, so I turned down the nearest aisle so that I wouldn’t have to walk past him.  I could have looked at his badge for his name, but I didn’t want to.  I already remember how he looks.  I don’t want to remember his name.

It’s not just about black-and-white.  It’s about customer service.  And the service that I received was downright POOR.

Best Buy.  Flint, Michigan.  Discrimination.  One day before my birthday.


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