How I Do What I Do: A Brief but Rare Testimony

I lost my brother, no thanks to Multiple Sclerosis, on July 16th.  Two days later my youngest child was admitted to the hospital.  My son was discharged on the 21st and my brother was buried 2 days later.  I was at the hospital with my son (10 y/o and special needs) around-the clock so I didn’t see any of my family until the morning of my brother’s homegoing service.  To round out all the madness I  got divorced August 15th,  just 4 days after my 16th wedding anniversary, and went to work afterwards.  Oh yeah, before leaving work I went upstairs (I work at a hospital) to check on a patient, my mother.

How in the heck did I go through all of that turmoil and still come out with a smile on my face?  It was simple.

I have God in my life.  I don’t care what higher being you serve, if you are true to your faith then all things are possible.  I prayed for strength and I received that and much more.

Also, those who have known me since my childhood or teenage years know that I am an introvert.  I keep my personal life to myself.  And besides, just because I might be having a bad day doesn’t mean I want someone else to experience it.  I don’t believe in misery loves company.

I listen to several Gospel/Contemporary Christian/Christian Rock songs everyday.  The ones I play most often, in no particular order, are:

  • Still Have Joy – Colorado Mass Choir
  • Redeemed – Big Daddy Weave
  • Praise is What I Do – William Murphy
  • Total Praise – Richard Smallwood
  • He Reigns – Newsboys
  • In Jesus Name – Kutless
  • Jesus is Love – Commodores
  • Nobody Greater – Vashawn Mitchell
  • One of These Days – FFH

So for those that have been wondering how I do what I do, now you know.

What do you think?

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