Embracing My Unique Dopeness



A member on a social media site where I hang out at always posts about being positive.  He reminds us, on a daily basis, to emit positive vibrations and to stay dope.  One of his updates hit home when he posted about being different, to just be yourself, don’t try to be like anyone else, and to stay dope.  I commented that I love my unique dopeness.

I recently revisited one of my blog posts from two years ago, I Need Your Help.  In that post I ranted about black female stereotypes and how I did not fit into those categories.  I still do not fit in and I do not care.  I don’t try to be like everyone else because I like being me.  I love my unique dopeness.

Because of my uniqueness, I have never really fit in with my own people, African-Americans.  I have been talked about and laughed at since childhood.  Family, classmates, co-workers, and strangers.  Out of all the races blacks give me the most problems, especially females.

Although it is rare, a black male will try to check me for being “different.”  Earlier this year a black male told me that I  must be married to a white man because of the way I talk.  That was pretty much the only time a male went there with me.  He was a lowlife so I didn’t even I nclude him in the equation.

I mostly get “white girl” or “you sound like a white girl” from the sisters.  It is a shame that my own people laugh at me for using my vocabulary.  We all attended school so they should know and use their vocabulary as well.

Comic books, nerd, bookworm, introvert, tech geek, model rockets, astronomy lover, Trekkie, cartoons, WWE.  That is all me.  I never wanted a traditional wedding so I got married in Jamaica.

I am not going to change because I love being me.  I am unique.  I am dope.  And I will always embrace my unique dopeness.

You don’t fit in with people, people fit in with you.

My social networking brother told me that dope statement when I informed him I was writing this random blog post and why.

By the way, take a good look at that pretty lady in the photo above.  Beautiful, natural, and flawless.  I rarely post pictures of myself but I found it appropriate to do so for this post.

What do you think?

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