Random Thoughts Part 2

Okay, here are some of my current random thoughts.  In case you don’t already know, they are in no particular order.  They are as random as this post.

  1. Can you spell niece, receive, necessary, ophthalmology, terrarium, and maintenance correctly without using spell check?  I can’t.
  2. As much Coca-Cola as I drink, my name (La Cracha) should be on some of those bottles.
  3. Did Killer ever make an appearance on the Flip Wilson Show?
  4. Can Perry the Platypus talk?
  5. Does the man with the yellow hat have a name?
  6. WWE needs to utilize Big E Langston in a more productive way other than dancing and frolicking around in the ring with New Day.  I can’t tell you much about their matches because that’s when I take my bathroom and snack breaks.
  7. After all these years, I still can’t name all four ninja turtles.  Not to mention that I currently watch the cartoon series nearly every night on Nick Toons.
  8. Register to VOTE.  And then VOTE.  Exercise your right and get those jokers out of office.  You know, the ones you always put in there by NOT VOTING.
  9. Donald Trump is running for President of the United States.  Did he ever stop hounding President Obama about his birth certificate?
  10. I might vote for Jeb Bush simply because he appears to be the smartest Bush.
  11. If Hillary Clinton becomes president, I hope she puts paddling back into Michigan schools, and lifts the ban on us parents whooping our bad ass kids.
  12. Some people have book sense.  Others have street sense.  But there are some that have no sense at all.
  13. One day I am going to sit in Walmart’s parking lot and count the number of people who enter through the exit doors, even though the entrance doors are propped wide open.
  14. Has anyone ever found their way to Sesame Street?
  15. I am voting for Kanye West in the 2020 United States Presidential Election.

You are more than welcome to add your own random thoughts.

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